Life can be difficult at times and problems may seem overwhelming, especially if it feels like you are facing them alone. Whatever your situation, at Acorn Psychotherapy we can provide a safe and confidential space where your feelings can be explored with kindness and without judgment.

Experiences from your past may be affecting the way you feel about yourself, or having a negative impact on your personal relationships. Or perhaps you are facing challenges in your life and feel unsure of the best way to proceed. At Acorn Psychotherapy, we can help you to manage distressing feelings and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, so that you can move forwards with confidence.

You can find out more about the types of issues we can help with here, as well as some information on Person-Centred Psychotherapy. Alternatively, please visit our contact page for details on how you can get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Online Psychotherapy 

With the current restrictions preventing us from offering face-to-face psychotherapy, online psychotherapy can provide a wonderful opportunity to experience the connection and support of psychotherapy from the comfort of your own home. Research has shown that online psychotherapy delivered through video calling can produce the same benefits as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy, and it can be an excellent option for many clients.


In fact, some clients may find that they prefer online psychotherapy because of the convenience and ease of access it offers. Online psychotherapy takes up less time as there is no travel involved, and it can be easier to fit sessions in around other commitments. It can also be helpful for clients who have childcare or other responsibilities which prevent them from leaving the house. On top of this, online psychotherapy enables clients to attend sessions from the warmth and comfort of familiar surroundings.


If you are interested in starting online sessions with Acorn Psychotherapy, we can help you to create a safe and therapeutic space within your own home. You may already be familiar with online video calling but, if not, we will walk you through all of the technical aspects involved in setting yourself up. We would love to offer you safe haven during the isolation of the lockdown, where you can find the space and support to focus on your own needs.

"We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed.”

Carl Rogers 

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